Wild Rumpus East Week Five

2017 blog headers wild rumpus (2)

Another great rumpus, with lots of new families and, like last week, one structure that was added to, tweaked, and played with throughout the evening.

This house started out simple, with lots of kids helping to build the foundation

It continued to grow…

Check out that door!

On the right side of the house you can see the stove and an improvised bottle of hot sauce

This girl rolled over the big spool…

and then launched herself into the house

Later the spool became a stove – don’t touch it because it is very hot.

There was a lot of cooking this week. You can’t see it well in the picture, but the pot down here is filled with grass and leaves and is a yummy soup.

This is the stove with a cover on it

But that’s not all! This kid connected all the pop tubes…

And then with a friend pulled them all open

There was some great science action going on at the water station

And chalk paint was lots of fun!

We had some great play stories, including one where a kid drew himself drawing his play story.

And another successful book bike visit!



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