Wild Rumpus East Week Four

Over 150 people came out to the rumpus this week, with lots of new families stopping by for some great play. Our parent/child survey questions this week centered around learning something new, and the majority of kids who responded said they learned something new, with the majority of grownups agreeing that they watched their kid learn something. I heard one mom telling her daughter, “That’s AnjiPlay baby!”

This kid repeated play from week one with stacks of spools that he knocked down with a ball

I watched this little one try to figure out the sturdiest configuration as she stacked the wooden spools and then tried to sit on them as a chair

We had some more pulling the spools along with rope

and the inner tubes got a lot of relaxation action this week

The young girl lying down here stretched out and declared, “aaah, this is the life.”

This little one loved the “rope swing;” her mom told me that she woke up from her nap asking for it! (spoiler alert: stay tuned for more of her adventures with this ladder next week!)

Here this kid is stocking up on tulle…

And uses it to wrap up his mom! She told me that she was being tied up so she wouldn’t escape.

We had a walking tunnel again

This structure started simple and continued to grow all evening. Look at how they used those clamps!

This is the secret tunnel entrance

These kids worked on this structure together…

And then brought in the wrecking ball (ie, the spool on a string)… (ok, this photo is a little out of order in the building process, but it showed the wrecking ball waiting to be used)

and wrecked it! The wrecking ball didn’t actually do too much damage, so the kids helped.

The book bike came out again, and was a huge hit! Families returned and checked out library materials…

And some took a break to read in the shade

We made sure to stress the role of play stories in AnjiPlay, and had more kiddos visiting this station before they left to reflect on what they played.

As you can see in this play story, the ice cream truck came to the park

We added some new signage, including welcome and instructions in Spanish, and some AnjiPlay grown up tips.

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