Wild Rumpus East Week 3

Finally we had the perfect weather for a wild rumpus! It was a hot afternoon, and lots of families who came to the park for the splash pad found the rumpus and played with us too.

Lots of use of the fabric this week, including more tying up of grownups…

This girl declared that she was so cozy and never wanted to leave (she is sitting in the laundry basket that the sheets, etc are stored in)

The spinning tops were lots of fun too!

A walking caterpillar of pop-up tents

This was the first big block creation…

it was a collaboration with lots of kids…

and then it got destroyed!

But the kids re-built!

This is a robot:


A throne, which did not hold up to being sat on very well:

A ramp for rolling spools down…

and an even longer road for the spools to travel on:

Lots of kids were interested in coloring and the play planning whiteboards this week

We didn’t have the slack line up this week, but these families found the line and played with it anyway!

This was our biggest rumpus so far, with lots of great playing.

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