Wild Rumpus East Week Two

This week started off cold and dreary, but the sun came out and we powered through! With no (ok, only a little) threat of rain, we branched out our play area toward the playground, and had double the crowd from week one!

Water play was popular again, and this week the water was next to some large rocks that provided extra surface for painting and climbing.

There was more interest in the tulle this week, and I saw a number of adults getting wrapped up in fabric.

This kid built a car:

This structure was a house, but it was so windy that the fabric kept blowing away, so finally she wrapped it around the blocks to keep it in place.

Our big carts became part of the play this week:

This little one discovered that the small spools will roll down hill, and spent quite a while rolling spools down the hill, running after them, bringing them back up, and doing it all over again.


The big spools got some action this week too, with bigger kids figuring out how to walk on them!


The library’s book bike, Spoke-n-Words, joined us this week with a whole bunch of books for check out, and lots of families enjoyed adding some reading to the rumpus!


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