Wild Rumpus East Week One

Our first wild rumpus east started out rainy. With rain off and on the whole evening, we had a small crowd and moved the rumpus indoors to the park shelter twice. But even with the weather, the movement, and the cramped quarters there was still some great play going on!

The water play area was very popular, and pretty soon chalk was added to the water to make it more colorful

Painting and decorating the shelter wall

The inner tubes got a lot of action being dragged around tied to ropes

This park on the east side has lots of great field space for running

This kiddo made a tower of spools and tried to knock it down with the ball

After moving inside due to rain, this epic tunnel popped up

The block are was turned into a house, complete with a bed inside

Water play was still popular inside

Adding color to spray bottles of water

This girl made a rainbow of “flavors,” from toasted marshmallow to blueberry to melon.

Here a little one tells her mom about her play story for the day

Check out more of the materials and play that happened on the west side during week one!

3 thoughts on “Wild Rumpus East Week One

  1. Talk about pulling rabbits out of a hat–rain or no rain! How creative!



  2. I loved noticing how my initial response to all of the chalk getting put in the water was (mentally) “oh no!” but I kept my comments to myself (chalk is cheap, after all!) and they were SO deeply engaged with making colored water in those spray bottles! It was a good reminder, even after I’ve been doing this for awhile, that sometimes kid ideas will break you out of your comfort zone, but those are the ideas that often have the best results.


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