Maker Monday: Battle Bots

My library has a set of MeeperBots that have been making appearances in our Lego Clubs, but I decided I wanted to do a little more with them. This summer I’ve been working on a programming guide for Demco using MeeperBots (coming soon!) and Maker Monday was the perfect place to test one of my programs!


This was a program with fewer kids in attendance, which actually worked out quite well, since we had just enough Bots for each kid to get their own. We started with 15 minutes for building the strongest Bot possible. I challenged kids to think about what elements could make their Bot strong enough to survive a battle, as well as what elements could be used to push other Bots out of the ring.

As kids finished building, they started test driving the Bots around the room, in the practice ring (provided by our partner from the MeeperBot company), and even on our battle ground (a folded up table on the ground).


Kids took plenty of time to practice on the final battle ground, and realized they had to be careful to not accidentally drive off the edge. Once everyone was ready, we started the battles!

2-4 Bots at a time were invited onto the battle ground. We did a count down, and they fought to push each other off and survive in (mostly) one piece. Whichever Bot was the last one standing was our winner. As Bots crashed they were repaired and modified to be stronger. We ended with an epic battle with all the Bots on the battle ground at the same time.

This would be a great place to show you a video of the epic battle, but alas, I was too busy moderating to take a video. Just imagine something incredibly awesome.

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