Little Makers: Perfect Square

For my last Little Makers of the summer we had a super simple and open ended program that led to LOTS of creativity!

Book: Perfect Square by Michael Hall

perfect square

Project: Turn “perfect” origami squares into something fantastic using only your imagination and creativity, hands, scissors, and glue.



This kiddo made a sailboat, and spent a LONG time figuring out how to get the sail pointed in the right direction.


Grown-up Challenge: Let the kids do it all! Don’t try to direct their making.


No clue what this is, but this maker was only 2!


A crown hat. She spent a lot of time figuring out how to make it 3D and how to get a strip of paper long enough to go around her head. There was some great problem solving going on!


This creation started off life as a 2D coat (“brrr, its so cold! Good thing I have my jacket to keep me warm!) and morphed into a wearable football jersey.

Lots of American flags got created today.


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