Little Makers: Water!

This month in Little Makers we played with water. I had hoped to hold this program outside, but it was the hottest most humid day of the year, so we stayed inside with the air conditioning instead.


Book: Water is water by Miranda Paul


Activities: Playing with water! We used eye droppers and a spray bottle to add water to different materials and see what happened- absorption, beading, etc. The kids pretty quickly learned that they could use markers to add color, pour water between containers, and generally experiment beyond my parameters.

Materials we used:

  • construction paper
  • coffee filters
  • napkins
  • sponges
  • cotton balls
  • felt squares
  • plastic magnetic letters
  • foam blocks
  • feathers
  • tin plates
  • crepe paper

They had a LOT of fun pouring water back and forth, soaking it up with sponges and cotton balls, and watching the colors change.


I was also planning on doing water painting on the sidewalk or side of the building, so I taped up a large piece of butcher paper in the program room, but this activity was no where near as popular as playing with water.

Grownup challenge: Ask your children to predict what will happen when they add water to various materials.


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