Little Makers: Rainbows

This Little Makers is one I planned months ago to leave behind when I knew I was moving libraries but didn’t get a chance to do it myself until recently. Even though I had a small crowd, this one was a lot of fun.


Book: Duckie’s Rainbow by Frances Barry. A very short story, but perfect for my small, young audience.

App demo: Elmer’s Photo Patchwork

Colored Felt Squares. This was for little siblings who needed an easy hands-on while the older ones explored.


Coffee filter rainbows.

This was by far the most popular station, and the little ones spent a lot of time spritzing anything in sight with the spray bottles. They loved watching the marker ink transfer from the coffee filter to the table with enough water… (but they did help clean up!)

Rainbow making with mixed media.

I put out a TON of different supplies for making rainbows, and let the kids go to town.

  • chalk + black paper
  • watercolors
  • paint daubers
  • paper scraps
  • tissue paper scraps
  • miscellaneous rainbow craft bits
  • markers
  • crayons

Grownup challenge: Don’t say pretty! Instead, talk about colors and color mixing.

2 thoughts on “Little Makers: Rainbows

  1. I just want to say that I have just found your blog and am feeling so inspired!! Thank you for sharing your amazing work! 🙂


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