Burbuja, Burbuja, POP!

The current favorite storytime song at my library is Bubble, Bubble, Pop! I don’t know if it’s the bubbles or the pop or maybe just my fabulous singing voice (ha!), but they LOVE this one. We do it all the time, and I have a whole bag of felt fish to go along with. So clearly, I decided that we needed to be singing this great song in Spanish too.


Ever since I translated Zoom, Zoom, Zoom to Spanish, it has been a hit. The kids know by now that we will always do songs in Spanish, and they have started asking before I even mention it. So here is Burbuja, Burbuja, POP!

Burbuja, Burbuja, POP

Un pez rojo, nadando en el agua
nadando en el agua, nadando en el agua,
un pez rojo, nadando en el agua,
burbuja, burbuja, burbuja, POP!

Dos peces azules, tres peces verdes, cuatro peces amarillos, cinco peces morados, etc

3 thoughts on “Burbuja, Burbuja, POP!

  1. Hi there,
    Thank you for posting your great ideas for bilingual storytimes. I am particularly interested in the songs, Burbuja & Zoom and wondered what tunes you used with them. Where did you find them?


    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like them! Both those songs I got from Jbrary, you can watch their videos to learn the tunes!


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