Homeschool Hub: reader’s theater

Last month we did a version of reader’s theater in Homeschool Hub, adapted for an all ages group. First, we talked a little about theater and plays (some of the kids are part of our local kids Shakespeare group). Next we watched some readers theater videos before diving in.


I explained that we would do a group staging of Elephants Cannot Dance, and that they should pay close attention to the actions. I read the book out loud, and then divided the kids into 3 groups (elephants, piggies, and squirrels). The kids stood up and acted out the story as I read it aloud a second time.

After our first show, the kids worked in groups to create their own skit based off a book. I had a lot of dialogue heavy and well-known fairy tale books on display, but also offered the option of creating their own story or using another book. After about 30 minutes of prep, prop/costume creation, and rehearsal, we all came back together to perform.


That pigeon is determined to eat his hot dog all alone with no help from the duckling.

This pigeon is terrified of the puppy he thought he wanted.


Ninja red riding hood, complete with super cool karate kicks and some help from mom.


Minecraft battle. Obviously.


Epic huntress adventure saga.

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