Maker Monday: robots + towers

Our latest Maker Monday was all about the robots! In addition to the Spheros that we own, I also had a kit of Lego Mindstorms from our system. I outsourced the building ahead of time to a bunch of middle schoolers, and we had all the basic bricks assembled for the program.

Rather than trying to code the Mindstorms using laptops, like I did last time, I downloaded the drive app onto our ipads to maximize play time for this program. We also used the Sphero apps to drive the robots.

The kids had fun driving the robots around, and then turned to building obstacle courses to navigate and cup towers to knock down.

One unexpected outcome of this program was that the kids prefered the Spheros and told me that they would rather use them in the future. Thank goodness, since those are so much cheaper and the ones that we actually own. Additionally, I’ve learned that stacking cups is one of the easiest, cheapest, and funnest activities I offer in Maker Monday! They LOVE it! I promptly went out and bought cups in three more colors for next time.

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