Homeschool Hub: Choose your own adventure

For this Read it! Homeschool Hub I featured choose your own adventure stories, and let kids explore the format by making their own.


Most of what I found were chapter books, not picture books, so after we talked about the choose your own adventure genre, I read a short section from one of the chapter books, letting the kids vote each time there was a decision to make.

Next, we played a hilarious game of would you rather…
… be Percy Jackson or Harry Potter? (“Miss Holly! You’re killing me! How am I supposed to choose!?”)
…let the pigeon drive the bus or stay up late?
…live in a magic treehouse or a spend the night in a mysterious library?
…be a famous writer or a famous actor? (“Neither. I don’t like being the center of attention.”)

Then we did a shorter interactive story all together that I had written ahead of time – and BOY are choose your own adventures hard to write! It wasn’t fabulous, but it got the point across.


Our last activity was a choose your own adventure scavenger hunt! Each kid got this intro:

The Book Emergency!
Oh no! You finished reading all your books, and you need a new one! You head to the library so you can find the perfect book to read next! When you get to the library, there are a LOT of kids there. In order to find the perfect book you:
Ask the librarian for help – 1 go to the children’s desk
Look up a book in the computer – 2 Go to the computer at the children’s desk
Browse the shelves – 3 Find the audiobook section

There were numbered stations around the children’s room, and each station had a new piece of the adventure, leading kids to select a book. Not the best reader’s advisory at all, but a fun adventure!

After each kid came back with a book (some of them even read the books!), they started working on their own stories. I offered blank templates for writing to help keep track of page numbers and story options. Unfortunately, the group skewed pretty young for this program, so some of the kids didn’t have as much interest in the writing part. But they still had fun!

3 thoughts on “Homeschool Hub: Choose your own adventure

  1. You’re so darn creative! Have I told you that before? 😉 I’m totally stealing this for my Writer’s Group someday. Thanks for sharing!


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