A few of my favorite things of 2015

So, first my friend Meg shared a list of her favorite things from the year. Then Katrina chimed in, and as a perpetual list maker (who doesn’t love lists??) I felt the pressure. So, here are a few of my own favorites, from things I’ve done to things I’ve read and learned:

5. Summer reading. This past summer was my first summer completely planning and executing a summer reading program from start to finish. It was scary, and there were some bumps, but I also made some big changes (drastically cut down on prizes!) and no one died. In fact, I’m pretty sure most kids had fun. And I STILL have kids coming in the library and saying, “You’re the one who came to my school dressed up like a superhero!” My job here is done. Except not really.

4. ILEAD. Through this year long project I got some great professional development opportunities, learned a lot (about myself too), helped develop a long-lasting project, and (most importantly) developed meaningful relationships with an incredible team. Seriously, we joked about our ILEAD family, but now that it is over, I feel withdrawal when I don’t get 10 emails a day from my team or spend a week together eating too much candy. We’ve already dreamed up a plan of running our own library some day, and I KNOW that this is an experience that has forever changed my professional life.

3. In August, I became one of the Joint Chiefs of Storytime Underground. Not only am I now an even bigger part of a great YS community, I have some fabulous new friends who are always willing to listen to me rant about storytime parents and talk about how great tacos are. AND I started our new Literacy Fast Facts series, which is something I always wished existed.

2. This was an incredibly busy and challenging fall. Towards the beginning, right after I realized just how deep I was in busy-ness and stress, I read this post by Erin about her lessons learned and while I loved all the lessons, #1 and #4 especially resonated with me.

1. 2015 included my first full year as a librarian, the end of settling in period, the beginning of full fledged imposter syndrome, and a whole lot of critical thinking and learning experiences. Conversations about controversial books on the blog Reading While White and holiday conversations like Trump-mas made me think long and hard about my role and responsibilities as a children’s librarian. Kendra’s Self-Care Sundays and Karen’s Sunday Reflections made me think about how my job is such a part of who I am and realize the importance of taking breaks and stepping back.

As 2015 wraps up, I have plans for a blog post about setting (realistic) personal professional (as opposed to library professional? like asking for help more and scheduling fewer things) goals. And also a whole handful of half-finished blog posts from the fall that I just haven’t quite gotten to yet…

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