Bilingual storytime on the road

This fall, I took bilingual storytime on the road! In order to reach a new and bigger audience, I offered programs at a local church and at our private Catholic elementary school, both in the evening. Not knowing anything about numbers or ages of who my audience would be, I mostly used my normal bilingual storytime outline, with some additions to tweak it for different ages.


Piñata by Rebecca Emberly
Little Roja Riding Hood by Susan Middleton Elya
Lucas and his Loco Beans by Nicole Velasquez

Red is rojo (adapted from Miss Meg)12243202_10153793338014703_8499455388513153646_n
Red is rojo
green is verde
blue, azul
morado, purple
yellow, amarillo
orange, anaranjado
white is blanco
pink, rosado

El pollo, from my dear friend Mary.


Since these were special outreach programs, I wanted there to be a component for socializing and treats afterwards, so I added a craft. I brought a bunch of scissors and tissue paper, and we made papel picado!


More bilingual storytimes!

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