Homeschool Hub: book trailers

I’m always looking for ways to mix books and creativity in Homeschool Hub, and my group has always loved making videos. What better way to do that than book trailers? We started by talking about trailers in general, and what a book trailer should accomplish. We watched a bunch of book trailers, both professional and kid made, and after each one I asked the kids if it made them want to read the book.

Then, I let them loose in groups to pick a book and make a trailer, using the ipads to film or make a stop motion video. Each group talked about their book and what they wanted to show, and each came up with something different.

My favorite is definitely the Harry Potter one, but all the kids learned something about how to talk about books and how to make a video!


3 thoughts on “Homeschool Hub: book trailers

    1. Good question! They had about 45 minutes; some kids could have kept going and some were done earlier. I had younger ones that day, so less attention span.


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