Little Makers: spirals

This month in Little Makers we looked at spirals. (total idea credit)


Book: Swirl by Swirl


Project: Playing with spirals!

First, we all made spirals with our fists, and then we held hands and made a spiral with our bodies. Next, I had lots of different types of spirals for the kids to experiment with, including a tape spiral on the floor that was hugely popular.


Paper spirals and markers for coloring on more spirals


Shiny floaty spirals and spiral stamping



The BEST PART EVER is that at the next Little Makers (stay tuned for sorting!) we were sorting some pasta, including spiral pasta. One little girl picked a piece and asked me, “is this a ‘piral??” Her mom told me that morning when she found out they were coming to the library for this program, both her kids were asking if they were going to play with spirals again. I LOVE watching them retain things from month to month!

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