What-ology: Art

For What-ology? this month we looked at different styles of art and made some of our own. I printed copies of famous art in different styles and hung them up around the room. I also had out a whole bunch of art supplies for creating art in lots of different styles.

I already knew that I would get kids trickling in at different times from elementary schools, and our Park & Rec sends a big group that get here even later, so I planned an on-your-own program. As kids entered, I invited them to tour the art gallery on display and then get to work making their own art in a similar style. Well, that would have worked great had I not already had the art supplies out. Most kids just headed straight for the paint!

Next time, I’ll run the program differently, but just because it didn’t go the way I pictured it in my head doesn’t mean it was a flop. The kids still had fun, and a few of them really got into it, including some of the teenage supervisors for the large group.


Hilarious side note: There was a group of about 4 fourth grade girls who were dead set on making “social security belts.” They made badges and ID cards. You know, like security guards. Social security guards. Makes sense, right?

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