Homeschool Hub: game design

For this Homeschool Hub we focused on game design, both digital and physical. I had a small group this month, and a large number of older teens (!!) and it was fun to see how some of the younger kids gravitated towards app creation and the older ones got out the paper and pencils.



Game app creation:

For digital games, we used Bitsbox to create the apps. The younger kids had a little trouble getting started with the coding, but once they got going they seemed to get the hang of it. Like last time I used this, some of them didn’t get through the beginning apps on the Bitsbox site, but some did and moved on to the fun games from the packets. There were lots of interested grownups for this one, and I sent some kids home with more apps to keep coding.


Board game design:


For board game design (actually, more like re-design) I used a kit that I developed in grad school with a classmate. The kit introduces kids to a very basic game and talks about elements and mechanics of game design and how to make the game more interesting. Then they are left to create their own game!

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