Share, baby, share!

Inspired by my dear colleague Mary, I want to share two awesome organizations that I am involved with:png-of-logo-vectordraft

WisCode Literati is a project that grew out of a state wide leadership/technology initiative, and is still growing. We believe that teaching our communities to code is essential for the future and will teach essential skills that kids (and grown-ups!) need to thrive, not just tech skills but also problem solving and computational thinking.


Storytime Underground is dedicated to helping teach and train, support, and advocate for youth services librarians, with the goal of changing the world through storytime! I have been a peripheral part of this community for years, and I am insanely excited that I was recently chosen to be a new Joint Chief for the project. I’m really excited to help with sharing and mutual support/got-your-back/we’re-all-in-this-together projects that we are working on, as well as blogging about advocacy tools and our new Literacy Fast Facts!

So. Check out these great organizations, and join us! I’ll leave you with this (entirely unscientific, not backed up in fact, but still probably true) image I threw together when I was brainstorming format/design for the SU Literacy Fast Facts series.

Early Lit Fast Facts (2)

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