Bilingual Storytime: Rubia and the 3 osos

My bilingual family storytimes all follow the same outline, and I fill in the blanks with books, flannel stories, apps and activities!

After the success of the last couple months, I was really excited for this month’s activities. We had a little lower turnout, but lots of enthusiasm!

Book + felt board: Rubia and the three osos, by Susan Middleton Elya.


As we read this story, we talked about which items (bowls, beds, chairs) belonged to which bear, and put the pictures up on the board.


Books: If you give a mouse a cookie and Si le das una galletita a un ratón by Laura Numeroff.

I handed out pictures of lots of the things after the English reading, and as I was reading in Spanish, kids came up and put them on the board. It turns out that this book is a little too long for this plan; I started to lose interest by the end of the Spanish version. I also don’t love the translation, and I won’t use this book again.

Note to self: Bilingual storytime is harder to plan at the last minute, since I tend to be a lot pickier about books and we have fewer in the library to work with.

Song+app: 5 elefantes. I originally learned this song in Spanish, but I’m pretty sure it exists in English too, its the one about an elephant swinging from the spiders web…

un elefante se columpiaba
sobre la tela de una araña
como veía que no se rompía
fue a llamar a otro elefante…. ELEFANTE!

dos elefantes se columpiaban
sobre la tela de una araña
como veían que no se rompía
fueron a llamar a otro elefante…. ELEFANTE! etc.

I went up to five elephants and then the spider web broke!

I made a felt board of this story using the Felt Board app, and connected the ipad to our giant projector.


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