Maker Monday: fingerprint art!

Maybe you’ve seen this awesome fingerprint art, or something like it, floating around the internet.


I thought it was really cool, and it seemed like a fun project for my kids. I knew this would be a smaller group, since there was no school on the Monday of this program, and it seemed perfect and easy.


My staff cut up a bunch of strips of paper and old magazines, and I put out cardstock, scratch paper, stamp pads and glue. Easy!


The kids had lots of fun fingerprinting themselves and examining the fingerprints. The hardest part was sketching a large copy of a fingerprint, especially for my more detail-oriented kids.

Once they had the lines in place, they started cutting and gluing! We talked about whorls and shapes, and how to get the straight strips of paper to look like they were curved.

They were really proud of the finished products!

This was  good activity for the majority of the program, and some of the kids who finished early got creative:


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