Stop Motion Animation 2.0

I originally did stop motion animation for a Maker Monday program, and it was a blast so I decided to keep offering it, with a few tweaks. My first attempt was at a Homeschool Hub program. I also did this program a few weeks later at the high school for their Digital Day of Learning.


We use the free iOS app Stop Motion, and I told the kids up front that there was no audio; they would need to use text to enhance the story if they wanted. Note: I have since upgraded to the full (paid) app, which lets you record sound. It is awesome.


Examples: We started off by watching a few examples I did, showing the different types of material and different ways to create animation.

Backdrops: I purchased 6 small white trifolds to use as a backdrop, and 12 small personal whiteboards. I stuck whiteboards to all the trifolds with command strips, so they could be used in various ways. Some kids used the whiteboards as a base for the movie, some for credits, and some as a backdrop to color on. I also got a bunch of whiteboard markers dedicated to stop motion.


Materials: I drastically cut down on the clay, and focused more on small toys and figures. This led to less mess, and was easier to deal with. For the high school workshop, I brought along a small bag of regular Lego bricks, and one group used those almost exclusively.


iPads: I am looking into stands to hold the ipads steady, but I’ve started requiring that one team member be the dedicated photo taker in order to try to keep the ipad steadier. For now, we are still using sign holders and book easels.


Sharing: The homeschool kids were happy to walk around showing off their videos, as long as I promised to put them up on youtube afterwards to share with family later. The high school students wanted a viewing party, so I created a dummy youtube account for them all to upload their videos directly for sharing on the big screen. Afterward, I just changed the password to the account.

Final products:

High school videos

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