Homeschool Hub: Minecraft

For this month’s Homeschool Hub: Read it! program, we did Minecraft! I know, not technically a book based program, but the kids all LOVE Minecraft, and they kept suggesting it as a a theme, so I went with it. Kids came wearing Minecraft shirts and creeper hats. For a day (ok, an hour) I was really cool.

IMG_2523 2

First, I made sure to tell the kids that I was sure they all knew a lot more about Minecraft than I did, so they could be the experts. (That’s when my coolness disappeared.)  Then, everyone shared their favorite Minecraft element. I had to limit it to one per person, since some kids would have talked for the entire program.

Next I read the first chapter of The Quest for the Diamond Sword, with only a few interruptions to keep talking about their favorite things. Kids usually browse and check out the display books that I put out, but this was the first time that all the books went, and they were negotiating over who got to check out which books. It was great.

IMG_2514 2

After our storytime (see what I did there? I’m sneaky) we headed to our stations!

Paper Town
Kids used small squares of construction paper to make a Minecraft village. This was the most popular station, and they were really creative! They created a narrative as they went, and it was really fun to hear them tell me about it.

Block City
Legos. End of story. Easiest station ever. Some kids just built whatever, but some built creepers or flower carts.

Pixel Art

I just printed out graph paper, and let them at it with a bunch of crayons. I was surprised by how much they got into it. I had on teenager who spent the whole time at this station!

Comic Creation

This was the least popular station. I wanted a storytelling element, but I only got a couple kids here. Oh well.

IMG_2519 2

Stay tuned for next month’s Hobbit program, and see more Homeschool Hub programs. 

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