Maker Monday: Book Dominos

This month in Maker Monday we made book dominos!


I had regular dominos out for the kids to play with as they arrived, and then I showed them a video of the book dominos at Seattle Public Library.


I had a cart full of series chapter books and a couple bins of board books, and the kids went through them super fast. I then gave up on the shelving pages every speaking to me again, and let the kids forage through the children’s department for more hardback books.

We spread out through the program room, with different groups working on different sections that we planned to connect at the end. There was a wide variety of carefulness among the kids, both in placing the books and in walking around, and we had a few accidental knockings over. The kids would all rush to catch the books, and help each other out to replace them.


Finally I started corralling everyone out into the hallway as the last kids finished up their sections. Then we decided that it wouldn’t be fair to everyone else if any of the kids got to knock over the first book, so I would do it (ha!). I pulled out my phone to film it, and we did a countdown.


There were a couple spots where books got stuck, but someone quickly jumped in to keep things moving, and they were all really proud at the end!

THEN. The best part. The kids picked up all the books! We filled two carts and a few baskets, and yes, the pages hated me for a week.

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