Homeschool Hub: Greek Mythology

When I first started Homeschool Hub, I asked the kids what topics they would be interested in for our Read it! programs. In addition to hearing 15 kids talk about how much they love Minecraft for 10 minutes, I also heard a lot of love for the Percy Jackson series. For this month’s Read it! we studied Greek mythology, and had a lot of fun on a hero quest and creating our own mythical creatures.


Intro activity: Due to a slight mix-up with our program room (aka, I got my dates wrong) we held this program in back of the children’s room, so I wanted something to keep the kids contained and interested as they were arriving. We started with writing our names in the greek alphabet, which was a lot of fun as kids figured out how to improvise with missing letters.


Story: We talked a little bit about what the kids knew and loved about Greek mythology. Then, I read a version of Theseus and the Minotaur out loud to the group. It was a long version, but they did great. A lot of them knew the story, and they answered questions, filled in details, and got super excited to share the ending with their friends.


Name that Greek god! This was  a game that one of the kids suggested a few weeks ago. I showed a picture of a statue of each god, what they were the god or goddess of, mentioned a couple symbols, and then gave the roman name. I asked the kids “Who am I?” and they got them all! After a while, I started asking them to come up with the roman name too, and they got most of them as well.


Hero Quest: I laminated six picture of different mythical monsters and their names and descriptions, and hid them around the children’s room with a bag of small colored circles. Each creature had its own color, and the kids got a sheet with just the images of each creature. They had to find each creature, write down the names, and collect all the colored medallions as proof of their victory.

This was the activity that took the longest, and I loved seeing how the kids worked together, with the big kids helping the little ones.

Create your own creature: As a final activity, as the heroes returned from their quests they got to make their own mythical creatures. I had pages of body parts that could be cut out and assembled, as well as crayons and colored paper.


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