Homeschool Hub: Bridges

Homeschool Hub: Make it! is a maker based monthly program for homeschool students. We love to build, and for the first program I decided to have the kids build bridges. After a lot of internet searching, I came up with a brief overview of bridges:



Then I asked the kids to work in groups and build a bridge using limited materials:

  • straws
  • yarn
  • brown crinkly paper
  • typewriter paper
  • pipe cleaners
  • scissors

I added the straws at the last minute because I was unnecessarily worried that kids would get frustrated by the minimal supplies, and they used them ALL. Every single straw in our library. I even raided the friends coffee stirrers. Next time, no straws!

The challenge was to build a bridge over a plastic tub. As they were building, we talked about design elements. I was impressed by all the different types of bridges that the kids came up with. Once they were done, we tested them with heavier and heavier books until they collapsed!

The kids had fun working together, and best of all the next week some of the moms told me that they had been building bridges at home all week!

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