Don’t let the pigeon…

I first saw the idea for a storywalk somewhere on the internet, but I was reminded of it by Rebecca, and I knew I wanted to put one up! Mo Willems is a big hit our library, both with kids and staff, so I ordered two extra copies of Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and started cutting.


Once I had all the pages laminated, I read it out loud to myself and added a few speech bubbles to prompt talking and thinking and all that good stuff.

But the BEST part is our interactive “Don’t Let the Pigeon” wall! I made a bunch of blank speech bubbles so kids could come up with their own ideas of what the pigeon shouldn’t do. Some kids use the typewriter to fill in a bubble, some write, and some color, and they are all awesome!

There have been a few outtakes, for which I blame our middle schoolers.

I’m loving this display so much, and already thinking of what book I can use next!


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